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Staff Directory

Contact Peter Anderson  Peter Anderson Computers
Contact Kathy Archer  Kathy Archer (316) 284-6270 ex: 1848 Special Education
Contact Lauren Artaz  Lauren Artaz 5-3 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Alley Arvieux  Alley Arvieux 5-5 Literacy and Science
Contact Greg Bergman  Greg Bergman Band Director
Contact Jennifer Bristol  Jennifer Bristol Administrative Assistant
Contact Carol Budde  Carol Budde 6-1 Math and Science
Contact Happy Cantu  Happy Cantu Para
Contact Melissa Carlson  Melissa Carlson 5-2 Math and Social Studies
Contact Brandon Cheeks  Brandon Cheeks Assistant Principal
Contact Janine Clayton  Janine Clayton 5-1 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Becky Cooper  Becky Cooper 6-4 and 6-5 Resource Room
Contact Laura Curtis  Laura Curtis Special Education Para
Contact DiAnne Decker  DiAnne Decker Para 6th grade
Contact Jennifer Duncan  Jennifer Duncan 6-4 Math and Science
Contact Holly Engel  Holly Engel School Nurse
Contact Kevin Farlow  Kevin Farlow 5-4 Math and Science
Contact Cyndi Fiedler  Cyndi Fiedler Para 5th grade
Contact Kim Fischer  Kim Fischer 5th Grade Special Education
Contact Teresa Fisher  Teresa Fisher Para
Contact Zully Garcia  Zully Garcia ELL Para
Contact Carol Haigler  Carol Haigler ED Teacher
Contact Mindy Hammond  Mindy Hammond 6-5 Math and Science
Contact Beverly Hunter  Beverly Hunter Para 6th grade
Contact Tiffany Huxman  Tiffany Huxman 5-5 Math and Social Studies
Contact Carmen Jarrell  Carmen Jarrell Physical Education
Contact G.B. Jost  G.B. Jost School Social Worker
Contact Sarah Kaufman  Sarah Kaufman Art Teacher
Contact Sara Kopper  Sara Kopper Special Ed Social Worker
Contact Maria Loewen  Maria Loewen 5-3 Math and Science
Contact Jessica May  Jessica May 5-1 Math and Science
Contact Karen McCabe-Juhnke  Karen McCabe-Juhnke 5-2 Literacy and Science
Contact Emily McCartney  Emily McCartney 5th Grade Special Education
Contact Joseph Menninga  Joseph Menninga Orchestra Director
Contact Caitlin Naylor  Caitlin Naylor 6-1 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Ashley Nottingham  Ashley Nottingham 5-4 Literacy and Science
Contact Crystal Oster  Crystal Oster Para
Contact Keith Penner  Keith Penner 6-3 Science and Math
Contact Valorie Pfannenstiel  Valorie Pfannenstiel 6-4 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Michelle Regier  Michelle Regier School Social Worker
Contact Brandi Rowan  Brandi Rowan Para 5th Grade
Contact Chuck Shell  Chuck Shell SRO
Contact Dawn Shirley  Dawn Shirley Para
Contact Nick Sisson  Nick Sisson 6-2 Math and Science
Contact Gina Skinner  Gina Skinner Administrative Assistant
Contact Chris Smith  Chris Smith STEAM
Contact Jen Smith  Jen Smith Principal
Contact Olivia Smith  Olivia Smith 6-5 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Viridiana Solorio-Negrete  Viridiana Solorio-Negrete Aide
Contact Kara Tann  Kara Tann Orchestra Director
Contact Lynne Vigil  Lynne Vigil Para 6th Grade
Contact Melody Wattenbarger  Melody Wattenbarger 6-3 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Anna Wedel  Anna Wedel Extended Learning Teacher
Contact Pat Wedel  Pat Wedel 6-2 Literacy and Social Studies
Contact Carmen Weller  Carmen Weller Vocal Music
Contact Renee Wiens-Evangelista  Renee Wiens-Evangelista Reading Interventionist
Contact Perry Winter  Perry Winter 6-1 and 6-2 Interrelated Teacher
Contact Greg Wood  Greg Wood Custodian
Contact Cathy Woodward  Cathy Woodward Reading Interventionist
Contact Jennifer Young  Jennifer Young Speech Para