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Anna Wedel

My name is Mrs. Wedel

My name is Mrs. Wedel

And, I have a cat named Boston Blackie

I also have another cat named Maisie.  I love my pets: cats or dogs.  My husband works at Bethel College as an Assistant Professor of History and Peace Studies.   We enjoy reading, libraries, exploring Kansas, music events, films, and antiquing.  Some things you probably should know about me:

  • In a former life, I sang opera and performed in music theatre.
  • I love to read historical fiction books and am exploring the soft mystery genre.  
  • I love working in the fiber arts:  quilting, knitting, and embroidery.
  • I enjoy gardening for about two hours.  
  • I enjoy old movies and old radio shows.
  • I enjoy putting together puzzles and playing board games.

Welcome to Room 151: Math and Social Studies

       This fall semester in Math, we will spend time with place value and decimals, metric measurement, and working with fractions. We will be working out of the Engage New York curriculum which is also called Great Minds Eureka Math.  Most of you worked out of this curriculum last year.  Inside these topics, we will be investigating patterns and using reasoning to solve mysterious problems.  


       For the entire year, we will be focusing on journeys through American History.  "For centuries, movement has shaped this land.  Our nation's history is a patchwork of many stories woven over time from the treks... of people who traveled and created new lives."  (Smithsonian) These journeys also involved a mixing of cultures with people who have always lived on this continent, or who have just moved to this continent from somewhere else.   Everyone of us has a powerful journey story about coming to a new place and about mixing with different cultures.  What's your's? 






Communicating with Parents



Mrs. McCabe-Juhnke and I are investigating new communication technology tools to visit with you about events in the classroom as well as news about your child.  We will give you this information at Curriculum Night and/or through email.   In the meantime, we will be contacting you through email.  


Mrs. Wedel