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G.B. Jost

Welcome to my web page!  My name is GB Jost, and I am the School Social Worker here at Santa Fe 5/6 Center.  Before Santa Fe became a 5/6 Center, I was the School Social Worker at Slate Creek Elementary School for 15 years.  And previous to Slate Creek, I was a School Social Worker for the USD 373 Special Education Co-Op for 5 years.  I love being a School Social Worker!  I can't imagine another job where I get to spend time with kids, have fun with kids, and get paid for it!

I am also a wife and mom.  I have been married to Roger for over 30 years.  We have 3 children, Claire, Aaron and Andrew.  Our kids bring us alot of joy and fun.  Claire is now a nurse, Aaron will graduate from college with a Teaching Degree, and Andrew is a sophomore in college.

I am also known as the "Lady of Bella"!  Yes, Bella...she is our Therapy Dog.  Bella is a 4 year old GoldenDoodle.  She has been coming to school with me since she was 6 weeks hold.  The minute she sees me gather up my lunch pale, and my school bag, she runs to the closet and waits for me to get her leash--confirming that she is coming to school.  She is very sad, when I don't bring her.  She has breakfast with the kids every morning.  She usually sits next to them or sits under the table and snoozes on their bookbags, or feet.  She make the mornings very cozy for the kids.

I loved being a mom, and I love working with parents and families, so when you get a chance please check out my Parenting Page to see what ideas I have passed along from some of my favoirte parenting experts (Jim Fay is my favorite).

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