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Carmen Weller is in her 15th year of teaching music. She has taught all grades from 5th-12th grade. Currently she teaches about 500 fifth and sixth graders at Santa Fe 5/6 Center. Her goal for her students is for them to appreciate various styles of music and musical excellence. 

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Create Music!

Check out these fun and FREE websites where you can create your own music.

Beat Lab

Button Bass


Virtual Piano

Music Shake

Note Flight (music notation software)



Best Student Prank

After telling one class of 5th graders about a prank my college class pulled on our professor, they pulled it on me. When I walked into the classroom, they were all sitting in their chairs...while lying on the floor! It was a great moment! 

Carmen Weller

5th/6th Music Class

Learning music makes kids smarter! Check out some music education facts. At Santa Fe 5/6 Center, we see music education as an approach to developing the whole child. In music class: 

  • Students will learn correct vocal technique and will perform with proper concert etiquette in a formal choir concert each year.
  • Students will learn how to read music and will practice those skills on the piano, while playing with proper keyboard technique.
  • Students will create their own compositions both on paper and online composition software.
  • Students will work together, utilizing Kagan structures, in order to become a more unified and socially aware class. 


Classroom Expectations are based on the three Santa Fe Stars:

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.


When everyone works hard and does his/her best, music class is more successful and enjoyable for all students.

2017-2018 Choir Concert Dates

6th Grade Concert Thursday, January 11

5th Grade Concert Monday, March 12


Both concerts are in Lindley Hall (gym at Santa Fe) and start at 6:30 p.m. 

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Program Cover Contest

6th Grade Composition

5 minute tutorial video. Please watch if you have questions.

  • Go to and click on "log in."
  • username is santafevocalmusic
  • password is sfmusic
  • Search for your composition by putting your ...more

6th Grade Piano Recital

6th Graders will give a piano recital during music class in 4th quarter. Please watch for more detailed information at a later date.

Hoffman Academy Online Piano Lessons

5th and 6th grade students are learning how to play the piano by using the free piano lessons on

Practice at home with a real piano/keyboard, a paper one, or an app. Android apps. iPad apps.

Easy Popular Music Piano Tutorials

Check out this youtube playlist by Hoffman Academy featuring popular music piano tutorials. There are a lot of fun songs to learn how to play!

Popular Songs -- Easy Piano Tutorials



Games for Practicing Rhythm

Games and Links for Learning the Keyboard

Here are a few links and games that will be helpful for you when practicing at home!

Notes on Staff and Keyboard.pdf (a "cheat" sheet that shows you where all the notes are at on the staff and on the ...more

Watch Santa Fe Choir Performances

Santa Fe Vocal Music Choir Performances Playlist on YouTube.

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Music Class Favorite Videos


Proper Choral Performance Etiquette

Audience Etiquette at a Choir Concert

Tour the States

A Virtual Choir

Boom-de-yada Song (The World is Just Awesome)

Cactus Cuties Sing the "Star Spangled Banner"

National Anthem Bloopers

"What a Wonderful World" hand shadows

The Muppets and "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven