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Computers and Technology Locker

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Don't Save your passwords!

Having Google save your password is a HORRIBLE idea! You don't want the next person that uses the Computer or Chromebook to have access to your accounts. If they delete your work, it could be lost forever. If they send out an unwanted email, you will be responsible. If they do an inappropriate search you could lose your computer privileges!

Click here to learn how to turn this feature of Google off. 

Making and Changing an Avatar.

Computers and Technology

During the Computers and Technology "trimester", students will be exposed to a wide range of skills. These skills will help them become lifelong learners in our technology driven society. In addition to becoming more efficient in keyboarding, the students will explore a number of programs while developing projects to be used across the curriculum.  In addition to projects students will be given a foundation for Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.



The quadrilaterals of Shapeville all live very simple happy lives. The Evil Mr. Round with his smooth sides and no corners is constantly causing trouble in the town. Lucky for the Quads, as they are called for short, Triangleman is around to protect them. Triangleman was born to a simple quad, upon his arrival the doctors noticed the young shape only had three sides. He was given the name Trip by his birth quad. He was forced to live a life of solitude bouncing from home to home hoping to be accepted by the quads of Shapeville. At the age of seven Trip completed his first good deed when he helped and elderly old rectangle across the busiest street in Shapeville. Trip loved the feeling that came over his body as the old rectangle rewarded him with an Ice Cream cone for his first good deed completed. From that day forward Trip had a purpose. He was put in Shapeville to serve the Quads, and protect them from his evil nemesis Mr. Round. 

Triangleman Starter Kit

Triangleman Comic


How to submit a comic:

  1. Make a copy of the Triangleman Starter Kit
  2. Create a simple short story.
    1. Only Quads, Mr. Evil, and Triangleman/Trip are allowed to be in your story
    2. There is always Ice Cream
  3. When you have a finished toon. 
    1. Download the drawings as JPEGS
    2. Email the Images to Mr. Smith
    3. If they follow the correct format, they will be added to the Comic


What is username, email address, and password?

Username Active Directory

First name

Last Name

Lunch Number




Username = sfredr12345

*The first time you log in your password will be your lunch number.

**Use the formula below when ...more

Acceptable Use Policy

Click here for the Google Presentation.

Click here for the Google Form

Writing your own story.

Writing a fun and interesting story takes both time and practice. All good stories have the following parts. 

  1. Characters- The who of the story. Some are good some are bad. Some are human some are not.
  2. Challenges- The problem the characters are going to face and possibly solve. 
  3. Motivation- This is what drives your character to solve conquer the challenges.
  4. Setting- Where the story takes place.
  5. Obstacles- The things that keep your character from solving the problem.
  6. Climax- The most exciting part of the story. The character is about to pass the biggest obstacle.
  7. Closing- Ties up all the loose ends.  

Click here to get a free Story Guide.

Smith, Chris
Sys Admin

Typing Practice



How to login:

1) Make sure you have logged into your Google Account.

2) Click student login in the top right corner.

3) Use login using google in the lower right hand corner.



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Nitro Type


Use the following Information to create an account. 

Username: SF_YourFirstName

Password: Google Password


NItro Type

Nitro Type Usernames 


Scratch Programming

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Click Here to create an account.


Use your username from Computers for your account. (csmith12345)

Use your Google Password as your password.

Enter your school email account. 

Good Luck! Explore and have fun! 


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