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Computers and Technology Locker

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Don't Save your passwords!

Having Google save your password is a HORRIBLE idea! You don't want the next person that uses the Computer or Chromebook to have access to your accounts. If they delete your work, it could be lost forever. If they send out an unwanted email, you will be responsible. If they do an inappropriate search you could lose your computer privileges!

Click here to learn how to turn this feature of Google off. 

Making and Changing an Avatar.

Computers and Technology

During the Computers and Technology "trimester", students will be exposed to a wide range of skills. These skills will help them become lifelong learners in our technology driven society. In addition to becoming more efficient in keyboarding, the students will explore a number of programs while developing projects to be used across the curriculum.  In addition to projects students will be given a foundation for Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.


READABILITY is the most important aspect of any presentation. If you audience can't read it, you wasted your time. 

 Do's and Don'ts


Copy and paste this into your presentation. 


If you want people to look at your information, you need to limit the number of words you put on a slide. Leave out information that isn’t important, because we don’t want to waste people's time. People will not normally read a long paragraph, but they will look at and remember short bits of information. With that in mind, it is probably best to use bullets and limit the number of bullets to six and the number of words in a bullet to 6, we don’t want to use more than 36 words on any slide.


5th Grade


In Social Studies you are studying these colonies, use the virtual notebooks below to add any information you think might be important to know. I have given you the slides and the guidelines for each slide, you need to add the information. Don't worry about following the rules of presentation, this is just our notes. 


Even Girls-Jamestown

Even Boys-Roanoke

Odd Girls-Plymouth

Odd Boys-St. Augustine











These short videos will help you get started with WeVideo. Please watch them and build a project very similar to what you see. 

Video 1- Creating a free account

Video 2- Creating a folder on your H-Drive

Video 3- Uploading images to WeVideo (Sound with sound off or watch the 3.1 and 3.2)
Video 3.1- Saving an image to your folder

Video 3.2- Uploading an image in WeVideo

Video 4- Adding images to your project.

Video 5- Transform and animate

Video 6- Adding text

Video 7- Adding a title

Video 8- Adding your name

Good luck! This project should only have 2 images when you are finished.  

Share WeVideo/Powtoon Here

What is username, email address, and password?

Username Active Directory

First name

Last Name

Lunch Number




Username = sfredr12345

*The first time you log in your password will be your lunch number.

**Use the formula below when ...more

Acceptable Use Policy

Click here for the Google Presentation.

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Smith, Chris
Sys Admin

Typing Practice



How to login:

1) Make sure you have logged into your Google Account.

2) Click student login in the top right corner.

3) Use login using google in the lower right hand corner.



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Nitro Type

Scratch Programming

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Click Here to create an account.


Use your username from Computers for your account. (csmith12345)

Use your Google Password as your password.

Enter your school email account. 

Good Luck! Explore and have fun! 


How to Presentation. Click Here